Token sale is live!

Last chance to get DGS – smart gaming token fueling Dragonglass blockchain ecosystem

Tokens Mined:

~ / 12,222,222,221 DGS

Tokens Sold:

~ / 1,111,111,111 DGS


First gamified token distribution

DGS token is the first token with gamified distribution. Tokens, purchased during ICO can be mined, hence multiplied by 10, while playing the game. To participate in the Dragonglass Token Sale (ICO), one buys Dragonglass tokens for ether (ETH), for an exchange rate of 1 DGS = 0.000027ETH. In order to mine tokens, one must log in with his wallet into the Dragonglass Miner game and start playing. Each successfully passed level multiplies the initial amount of user’s tokens.


A token for future ecosystem

DGS token is planned to be a single base token for the whole future ecosystem, developed by Dragonglass. The Ecosystem will evolve around three main products - Dragonglass Platform for developers, our upcoming blockchain game Dragonfeed and Dragonglass Hub – a companion-application for blockchain gamers. DGS token will be used as a payment currency for transactions within all the Dragonglass Platform games .


Well-supported token

It is very important to have a popular and trustworthy source of information. DGS is listed on CoinMarketCap, and all the token’s data can be found there. In order to stay in touch with the holders of our token, DGS is live on Bitfolio and BitUniverse! And finally and most importantly, we are proud of our community that continues to grow steadily. Don’t hesitate to join our community as well!

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