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Tel: 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois St. 

San Francisco, USA

Wine Focused Investment Fund


Acquire finite and non-expandable parcels of vineyard land & properties


Unique storage facilities that generate a return from wine brand and network storage


Lease property owned source fruit to the Dragonglass wine brand


Purchase unique destination properties


Opportunistic investments in wine related ventures

Latest Projects

Dragonglass has entered into an exclusive partnership with one of Priorat's most acclaimed and pioneering wineries. We are crafting a high-end, limited-edition wine from a 5-hectare plot in this renowned wine region with the best team of winemakers. Availability will be very limited. However, our investors and partners can be assured a true modern-classic wine which is sure to stand the test of time and appreciate year after year.

Wine Properties

Acquiring the worlds best wine related real estate

that can generate an income from our wine

futures fund and proprietary wine brand

Wine Bottles

Invest with us today

We are happy to pave your way to a brand new wine experience

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